Attrition Game: Hungary Grand Prix

It was nice to have more players…and a live race…this weekend.


Two retirements, so no winners today. However, it was a good race (if a little slow at times). Kimi’s back – and he’s ready to win.


Attrition Game: Germany Grand Prix



I’m going to continue to hold to my pledge to keep things spoiler-free, but this should be a great broadcast today from the @Formula1onSPEED talent and crew. A little controversy, a little on-track drama, and even a bit of a twist at the end. Definitely worth a watch.

No winners today for the Attrition Game – only one car out, and it was pulled into the pit. Fast, clean race. Good for the teams; not so good for the Game….

blawwgery F1 grace in small things

Grace in Small Things #3

  1. Hockenheim is an old-school track. I like them better than the sterile Tilke tracks.
  2. Nothing exploded at work today.
  3. Today was the first day in 28 days where the temperature was lower than 90 degrees. I’ll take it.
  4. I have awesome friends. Not many, mind you, but the ones I have are absolutely incredible.
  5. I may actually have a little time to knit this weekend.
blawwgery grace in small things music

Grace in Small Things #2

Today’s edition is kind of a music edition. Chris is traveling, so I have my music cranked and I’m singing. Loudly. These five songs are all songs I can’t help but sing at top volume. (Aren’t you glad you don’t live close to me?)

  1. Tori Amos, “Pretty Good Year”
  2. Mumford & Sons, “Little Lion Man”
  3. GLaDOS & Jonathan Coulton, “Still Alive”
  4. Bon Iver, “Holocene”
  5. Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill”

Music’s important, man.

blawwgery grace in small things

Grace in Small Things #1

Puttering around the internets, I saw a link to Schmutzie’s Grace in Small Things project.

I figure any war against embitterment can use as many people as possible, so I’m going to give this a shot. Maybe it’ll get me accustomed to posting more over here. This site is quickly becoming a repository for the Attrition Game and YouTube videos I don’t want to lose.

Without further ado….

  1. I have access to central air conditioning. This is WONDERFUL, considering mid-MO’s been in the midst of a massive heat wave for over a month.
  2. I now know how to play chess. I never thought I’d be able to learn. Now I have the rest of my life to hone my skills. This makes me incredibly happy.
  3. I worked out over lunch, so now my evening’s completely free.
  4. Avocados.
  5. The last FOX race is on this weekend. (I may use this more than once. Is that against the rules?)

Yes, I realize everyone did this back in 2010 and stuff. What can I say…things take a little longer to get to mid-Missouri?


Attrition Game: British Grand Prix

Another delayed FOX broadcasts (only one more to go) mean the Attrition Game for this week is sparse.


No winners. Again.

Good moves today in the race, but it wasn’t as exciting as Valencia. You win some, you lose some. Still worth a rewatch.