Attrition Game: Brazil Grand Prix

Last race. Last race for the season; last race for SPEED. Bittersweet.

The Attrition Game winds up today. No winners in last week’s USGP competition. I’ll post later today with the winner of the contest – they will receive an unopened copy of the 2012 USGP official program purchased Friday, November 16th on track.

(I thought about giving away one of the commemorative glasses, but I’m being selfish and keeping them for myself. They make wonderful drink glasses.)

It may be I have to find a way to break a tie….



We’ve had fourteen different winners during this season….

  1. @Renee__french
  2. @LargeEddie
  3. @Mihalis68
  4. @Fhchandler
  5. @Dr_mikki
  6. @Trillf1
  7. @Johnneese
  8. @Rob_pike
  9. @Graemefowler
  10. @DougBryan1
  11. @SlashVohaul
  12. @Macahan2000
  13. @_MrHS_
  14. @RacingPoke

Both @fhchandler and @LargeEddie won twice. They both chose five today.

Six cars out. This means @TrillF1 notches two wins with her victory today.


I’m going to have to figure out how to award the prizes. See, I have three commemorative glasses (shut up, don’t judge – those bartenders pour heavy, and the glasses are NICE) from the track, so if Sara or Tim would prefer a glass over the program I’m willing to send that instead. Will need to think on this…we’ll get it figured out, for sure.

Thanks for making this season one of the most memorable for me. It’s been a great time, and I’m looking forward to playing the Attrition Game next year. In the meantime, expect knitting and other nonsense in this space until next year.

blawwgery F1

A Column About a Cooler

By request, my latest column focuses on providing a packing list for any fan looking to enjoy themselves at the 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix. It’s over on The Idler, and I’d love for you to take a look and tell me what you think….

See you at Turn 12, or somewhere on track. Find me.


Attrition Game: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

This is a strange track for me this year.

Last year, for this eace, I was a guest of the SPEED World HQ broadcast team for the race weekend, working and watching and learning and just soaking up the incredible experience. It was my birthday weekend, and I’ve never worked harder (or had more fun). Watching people who love what they do create an incredible product – there’s nothing quite like it. From GP2 Stew to Red Dot to watching the producers edit the little features we see each weekend…the attention to detail and the care shown by every member of the broadcast/production team is simply amazing. What you see on-screen is about 1/10th of what actually goes in to creating the broadcast. No. More like 1/20th.

This year, I’m home. I never asked to attend a broadcast this year as I thought Austin would be the weekend I’d get to work and watch and learn this year. We all know what happened.

Anyway. This weekend should be an interesting race. Late in the season; tired engines and long nights could mean a higher count for today’s Attrition Game. We’ll see.



It’s a good thing I wasn’t in the broadcast room this year, or there would’ve been some issues with copious shouting and swearing. As a Kimi fan for years, to see him take the lead was incredible.

This race can only be described as a crash-fest. Both safety car periods managed to completely throw an already chaotic race into a true frenzy. While everyone seemed to focus on Vettel’s ascent through the field, Raikkonen, Alonso, and Button kept pressuring one another for a significant part of the race.

Seven cars ended up out of the race, with six of those cars involved in heavy crashes. I think Pic was the only one to pull in from the pit, and he may have suffered secondary damage. I’m not sure. This means we have a winner! Congratulations, @_MrHS_!