Attrition Game F1

Attrition Game: 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

Overnight races are a real grind. The Attrition Game, thankfully, is not. Getting a lot of participation this year….which I LOVE. Will we have a winner this week?

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

First out tonight was a bit of a surprise, as Alonso tore his wing into several splintery shreds after refusing to pit on the first lap. Various pitlane shenanigans (loose wheel nuts! stripped bolts!) meant action both on- and off-track.

As for the Attrition Game? FIVE WINNERS. Six out means @slashvohaul@DougBryan1@harryagapidis@johnneese, and @RacingPoke all notched their first victories of the season. Well done!

Attrition Game F1

Attrition Game: 2013 Australian Grand Prix

First race of the season. First Attrition Game of the season. Slight tweak of the rules…and seems we have a lot of players joining us this year. Good. Let’s do this, shall we?

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

No winners tonight – three cars did not finish after taking the start (Hulk’s pre-race retirement doesn’t count). Happy Hansman tonight, though. Kimi won!

He’s back. My boy is back.

So happy to see him on the top step.

Attrition Game F1

Attrition Game 2013! Now with Tiebreaker Option!

Greetings, programs!

With a new race season comes a new season of the Attrition Game. Those who played last year know the story behind the game (short version: my dad and I are evil)…and I’m including a handy link to last year’s post which includes the rules for playing for those interested in playing along this year.

Did you see the link? Review the rules. Coolio. Thank you.

EDIT: The rules aren’t very clear, are they? Here…let me make this easier.

  1. Tell me how many cars won’t finish.
  2. Tell me prior to formation lap.
  3. If the car stops before taking the checkered flag, it counts in the final Attrition Game tally.
  4. Cars must start the race to be counted.
  5. You must Tweet your guess. I’ll watch my mentions. Please make my life easier on this – if you @ me, I’ll see it. DMs may or may not be checked. Best to just send a mention. Also – if you @ me once, leave it at that. If I miss your message, I’ll correct post-race. It gets confusing sometimes when a lot of folks play.

As you can see from the state of my blog, this place has basically become a repository for the Attrition Game and its posts. That’s fine with me…I’ve no time to spare right now, but I can always squeeze a couple of moments out of a race weekend to play The Game.

Last year’s winner (the lovely Sara) won a copy of the 2012 US Grand Prix program. We had several people tie last year. I’m thinking I need to come up with a tiebreaker this year….

I’ve got it.

Send me your count, and send me your first out. This is the first person who doesn’t make it after the green flag. They have to start to be considered first out – and if there is more than one person wiped out at one time and it’s impossible to tell who made it out first, I’ll consider everyone involved as “first out.”

If we still have a tie at the end of the season, I’ll send something to all winners. Deal?

If you forget to send me your first out, no worries. First out only applies to tiebreaker situation at the end of the season. The main part of the game has always been the attrition component.

Remember: you have to guess exactly, and more than one person can guess the same number. If no one gets it right, there is no winner for the week. I play along for fun, but I don’t count myself in the prizes. That would be stoooopid.

Good luck, and may the best random guesser win!