Attrition Game F1

Attrition Game: 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

Overnight races are a real grind. The Attrition Game, thankfully, is not. Getting a lot of participation this year….which I LOVE. Will we have a winner this week?

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

First out tonight was a bit of a surprise, as Alonso tore his wing into several splintery shreds after refusing to pit on the first lap. Various pitlane shenanigans (loose wheel nuts! stripped bolts!) meant action both on- and off-track.

As for the Attrition Game? FIVE WINNERS. Six out means @slashvohaul@DougBryan1@harryagapidis@johnneese, and @RacingPoke all notched their first victories of the season. Well done!

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