Attrition Game F1

Attrition Game: Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is usually filled with near-misses and tight racing (even if some of that tight racing is the result of a safety car). As I’m writing this piece of the post, with just over one-third of the race complete, exactly ZERO cars have retired. No crashes. Vettel’s currently almost 11 seconds ahead of the field…after his first pit stop.

AAAAAND just as I write this, Ricciardo throws it into the wall and the safety car’s deployed. NOW it feels more like Singapore.

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

RESULT: Webber’s fire on the last lap (which makes me so sad…though seeing Webber take a ride on Alonso’s Ferrari makes up for it a bit) means we had four out.

Four out means @joehrossi wins! Nice work!

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