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Grace in Small Things #1

Puttering around the internets, I saw a link to Schmutzie’s Grace in Small Things¬†project.

I figure any war against embitterment can use as many people as possible, so I’m going to give this a shot. Maybe it’ll get me accustomed to posting more over here. This site is quickly becoming a repository for the Attrition Game and YouTube videos I don’t want to lose.

Without further ado….

  1. I have access to central air conditioning. This is WONDERFUL, considering mid-MO’s been in the midst of a massive heat wave for over a month.
  2. I now know how to play chess. I never thought I’d be able to learn. Now I have the rest of my life to hone my skills. This makes me incredibly happy.
  3. I worked out over lunch, so now my evening’s completely free.
  4. Avocados.
  5. The last FOX race is on this weekend. (I may use this more than once. Is that against the rules?)

Yes, I realize everyone did this back in 2010 and stuff. What can I say…things take a little longer to get to mid-Missouri?

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