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Now For Something Completely Different


…a contest!

I am still working out the details in my brain, but I think I need to take the next step with the Attrition Game and make this into a full-fledged contest.

What is the Attrition Game, you ask?

For years, my dad and I have watched the races “together” via Messenger. We trash-talk and joke throughout the entire race, and it’s a blast. Spending more time on Twitter during races has cut down on some of the messages, but the real gems are reserved for my dad. One of the regular “features” of our weekly race conversation concerned the Attrition Game: guessing the number of cars that would not finish the race (take the checkered flag). Over time, this grew to include the number of cars that would not make it through the first corner. Winner got nothing but bragging rights for the day on a completely stupid (and kind of mean) datapoint. I LOVE the Attrition Game.

Enter Twitter. Last year, a handful of incredibly fun people to talk to during races started providing their guesses. Winner got a shout-out post at the end of the game, and their own bragging rights for the day. Last year’s game even featured a nice Hamilton-Massa sub-game (lap number of first contact). Good times.

This year, I feel I need to reward those who play this silly game. However, I’m not sure how. I’m also honestly not sure about how to set some of the existing rules in stone – this game really started out as a silly joke between dad and kid, and was never designed to scale.

Suggestions? Hit me up on Twitter, please – I’m not ready to mess with comments yet.