Attrition Game: Canada Grand Prix

I hate races on FOX. I know it’s bad of me, as it’s really good to have races where folks without access to SPEED can see what F1’s all about, but I just can’t get over the number of ads…or the need to explain things I’ve known for years…or try to dumb down terms so people can quickly grasp some of the bigger underlying concepts of F1.

I should probably shut up – could do an entire post on what I think about this topic. This post is about the Attrition Game.

The Players:

I picked three. @EusticetheSheep picked one, but got the entry in too late for consideration this week. (Sorry!)

We had four cars retire – so no. winner. again. This is getting ridiculous.

That said…seven different drivers winning the first seven races! Nothing like keeping the championships wide open to keep people watching. Think we’ll see 8-in-8?

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Ditto on the deluge of adverts during FOX broadcast…thank goodness for Twitter and the F1 Timing and Scoring web app.

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