Attrition Game: European Grand Prix

Valencia – home of the brightly-colored happytrack (I think crags is the one responsible for my brain now calling it the happytrack, but I am too lazy to comb through my timeline to find the exact series of Tweets.

Upgrade weekends and delayed FOX broadcasts (don’t even get me started) mean the Attrition Game for this week is fairly sparse. Unless you’re finding alternate means to pull race coverage from the UK or other parts of the world, you’re stuck waiting for the FOX broadcast in the middle of the day. It’s frustrating as a fan with a bit of a unique perspective to have to reconcile what should be done with how it’s done.

Anyway. Don’t we have an Attrition Game to play or something?


We have two winners! @fhchandler – the co-creator of the Attrition Game and my dad – correctly chose five this week. So did our friend @dr_mikki – who is an all-around incredible person (and someone I will get to meet in Austin – huzzah!). Congratulations to you both.

I refuse to give away any details of the race, but it was a stunner. Looking forward to the rewatch later today.

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