Attrition Game: Korean Grand Prix

US fans felt a severe blow when news broke Friday SPEED would not have the contract to run F1 broadcasts for 2013. It’s still to early to tell whether NBC Sports (the purported winner of the broadcast rights bidding war) will transplant the current broadcast team, or attempt to build their own. I think I speak for many when I say part of what makes US coverage in F1 worth it is the incredible team of people who bring us the broadcast, week after week. I realize I am biased, all things considered, but I’ve witnessed firsthand the amount of work the entire F1 crew at SPEED put in each race weekend to ensure flawless, entertaining broadcasts. As I mentioned on Twitter, it’s beyond magical.

Are there too many commercials? Of course – there are always too many commercials. Could there be more coverage? Of course – but the addition of practice 1 and 3 to the lineup via live stream helped. Frank Wilson and his dedicated team work tirelessly to bring us exemplary coverage, and I’m not exaggerating when I say NBC has some big shoes to fill.

I hope NBC Sports sees the existing talent and does the right thing. Until then…it’s time for the Korean Grand Prix Attrition Game.


We have a winner! With four retirements, @macahan2000 wins today’s Attrition Game. Congratulations, Eje!

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