Attrition Game: Monaco Grand Prix

Today’s Attrition Game was a big one – we had a lot of players this week, and Monaco did not disappoint. It’s taken me a bit to get my computer a working network connection, but now that I’ve added a range extender to Dad’s home network I’m rockin’ and rollin’ on the intertubes again.

(I know. Your day has immediately brightened, now that I’ve posted the attrition game wrapup. You’re welcome.)

The Players:

Result? Nine. Three in the first lap. It was madness, I tell you!

No one won. AGAIN.

However…the Monaco race certainly brought its share of surprises. That first turn on the opening lap? Crazypants. I’m sad that Kimi didn’t do better, but it hasn’t been a very good week for Lotus Renault.

Two weeks until Montreal.

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