Attrition Game: Singapore Grand Prix

The season’s flashing by faster than the cars on track. We’re already finished with the European segment of the calendar; all that’s left are the flyaway races scattered throughout various countries and continents. Singapore is the first of this chunk of flyaway events, cars sparkling under the lights as they wind their way through tight corners and chicanes.


* Tweeted after formation lap; win does not count as a result. Still gets to play, though. I’m not that mean.

I’m amazed Crashy Maldonado kept things clean in the first turn.

Special thanks to @graemefowler, who got some new players to join in today. Thanks, Graeme!

We have two winners today (technically three but John knows the rules!): congratulations to @rob_pike and @graemefowler!

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I believe I’ve used the lack of coffee excuse for something at least twice already this morning, but before the race there was a cognitively crippling absence of caffeine. That said, I was the one at fault, it was a simple mistake for which I accept full responsibility, and there will be no appeal. It’s more important to keep looking forward and focus on preparing for the next race. See you all in Japan.

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