Today was a Good Day.

  1. I played chess. A lot. I’m learning from probably the best teacher out there. He’s not a chess master, but he knows how to teach. Helps massively.
  2. I watched a group of my students walk across the stage and accept their undergraduate degrees. Of the four who walked, two are coming back to complete their Master’s degree in September. Feels good, man. Feels good.
  3. Did I mention the chess? Seriously. I have never felt so challenged in my life. Learning from someone else – not from a book, not from aimless trial and error – is refreshing.

As part of my ongoing quest to learn chess, I’ve started talking to some of my peers regarding their knowledge of the game. It’s interesting to hear how many people were taught by their fathers (my sample is still small, but once I’ve collected more data I will report final findings back to my loyal reader). My dad never learned, and I’ve honestly never asked my mom if she played chess. I know it was never around the house (unless it was part of a checkers/chess set). We were more of a Trivial Pursuit/Scrabble/euchre house.

(Oh, euchre. That’s a post, all by itself. Why don’t more people know how to play? A true shame.)

Do you know how to play chess? If so, who taught you? How old were you when you first learned to play?